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Things I wish I'd known when I first....

January 1st, 2008 at 04:28 pm

became a mother! I wish I'd known...

Just how tiring and painful having a new baby could be. I had no clue about sleepless nights, breastfeeding every two hours, cracked nipples, c-section recovery, and being emotionally and physically drained from childbirth.

To be more patient and loving with my toddlers. I scolded too often, yelled too much and didn't spend enough time just loving on them. I often put teaching them to keep their room neat above just rocking them and enjoying them. They turned out well in spite of me, though. Wink

Just how fleeting our time with our little ones can be. I lost one daughter at birth and her identical twin died almost eleven years later. I spent those years as the mother of four, grieving for one that was gone and one that was severely disabled. Then she, too, was gone, gone way too soon. I still miss them both and wish I'd known how short our time together would be.

Just how wonderful my life would be as a mother and how precious those little ones are. The changes, good and bad, had much to do with who I am today. I'm thankful for them, all of them, and pray I keep that gratitude in place. But I can still wish I'd known then what I know now...

3 Responses to “Things I wish I'd known when I first....”

  1. JanH Says:

    Oh how very true is this entry! I'm so sorry about the losses you have had, and thank you for reminding us to hug our kids and love them.

  2. Amber Says:

    Sorry about your lost, I am not a mom...I agree with jan, wish my mom had hugged me a little more vs. worrying about how clean my room was

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh yes, I would say that marriage itself is a cake walk next to child-rearing. I don't think it's as tough for men, but it's still pretty tough. I love my kids, but it's been very stressful (and rewarding) at the same time.

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