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Session One of Financial Peace University

January 28th, 2008 at 07:16 pm

Tonight was the first session of Financial Peace University. It was great! We met some seemingly very nice people, some of whom seem to be very deep in debt, and at least one couple that is debt free except for their house, thanks to what they've learned from Dave Ramsey.

I've never really watched Dave but have listened to his radio show quite a bit. He's absolutely hilarious to watch and really does a great 'show'. Learning is an added bonus. Smile

The kit is nice. In it is the book, Financial Peace Revisited, the Financial Peace Course Workbook, Dave's envelope system, and each course session on CD along with several bonus CDs.

The first session is basically information on Baby Steps 1 and 3, both of which deal with the Emergency Fund. Dave explains why its so important to have an emergency fund and gives some very convincing scenarios of how the EF can save your buns! I have to say that although DH was already on board with the EF concept, he wasn't really focused on it. Well, he is now!

I didn't get the savings account opened today but he said we'll have the money to get that opened this week and building that EF is a real priority for him now. Yaaaaay! It will be so much easier to stay on track if we're working toward the same goal.

On the way back from the session we talked about what constitutes an emergency and came to an agreement about that and how we'll prepare for it. We also talked about our eating out habits. We eat out a lot less than we used to and although we agreed to eat out once a week, he still likes to go to Chik-Fil-A for a particular breakfast sandwich and he likes to go get chicken wings. I don't begrudge him those things at all but if we're going to get 'gazelle intense' to use Dave's phrase we're going to have to put an end to that. So our compromise is that we'll eat out once a week only (my goal is once a month, if that) and if we get breakfast sandwiches one morning or wings for lunch that's our one meal out for the week.

So all in all, I think the first session was great and I think FPU is going to help us get on track..both of us!

7 Responses to “Session One of Financial Peace University”

  1. LadyT Says:

    Sounds great! Things will definitely be easier now that you and your hubby are on the same track! I am looking forward to hearing about everything you learn from FPU.

  2. scfr Says:

    "It will be so much easier to stay on track if we're working toward the same goal."

    Amen! Great news!

  3. rduell Says:

    I am deeply envious of you. I really want to attend a Financial Peace University.

    I attended a Crown Financial presentation last weekend and was really disappointed. I much prefer Dave's teaching and intenseness on getting things done. Crown was just too vague about everything.

  4. nance Says:

    I think this just might change your life for the better!
    Glad you both found it enjoyable.

  5. denisentexas Says:

    Thanks, y'all! DH seems to be pretty enthused. He hasn't started reading the book yet but we've talked about money and budget stuff off and on all day and he's on board with me and fired up! Now if we can keep this momentum, it will be great!

  6. Joseph Sangl Says:

    I became debt-free except for my house in 14 months because of Dave Ramsey and the FPU Class! We have lived debt-free since February 2004!!!

    We will pay off our house in the next three years - all because of a day we decided that we had had enough!

    The FPU class will ABSOLUTELY WORK!!!

    I actually teach finances full-time around the nation. There are a bunch of FREE budget tools available at my website to help you with your own journey!

    Check it out at www.josephsangl.com - click on "TOOLS" at the top of the page!

    You CAN do this!

  7. denisentexas Says:

    rduell, I think the class is important enough that I'd do beans and rice for a month if I had to to come up with the money! Is there one near you? Can you scrape together the money to do it? I think it would be a very wise investment!

    Joseph, thanks for your input on FPU. I've checked your site and have it bookmarked and go there to poke around regularly. Smile I'll peek at the tools tonight!

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