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Thrifty eating, another $5 a month cut out, cable gone & a weekend off!

January 6th, 2012 at 08:29 pm

I worked today and took lunch and a drink but still ended up buying a drink while there. I also had to get half and half (a requirement for my coffee!) so this evening I went to Albertson's and spent $12 on a few things. I still have $15 in my grocery budget to last til the end of next week so I'm doing fine on that.

Dinner was more of that delicious Mexican stew and a bit of the King Ranch Chicken. It was a very good meal but I'm so thankful there's just a little of that stew left! I'll probably have it for breakfast and finally be done with it.

I changed my Spotify subscription to the $4.95 a month plan so that cuts out another $5 per month. That isn't a lot but it all adds up, right? Between not spending money on cigarettes and the other changes I've made, my monthly outgo should now be about $346 less.

346! That's a substantial difference, y'all!

The cable company sent their tech out this evening to disconnect my cable television service so that's done.

And I'm actually off this weekend. It's not often I get a weekend off so I'm going to savor this one and relax. And probably look for other places and ways to cut expenses!

3 Responses to “Thrifty eating, another $5 a month cut out, cable gone & a weekend off!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on cutting your expenses. Enjoy the weekend off.

  2. twest Says:

    You are an inspiration! I am going to look one more time and see what I can cut further! I am enjoying your blog and everyone else's on here so much. I have always been a saver and very frugal, but I usually think in terms of saving $100, $200, etc... I have seen some great ideas on here where the little things add up too! Thanks so much to all of you that blog!

  3. baselle Says:

    346 x 12 is nearly a yearly Roth contribution. Well done, madam!

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