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Another almost no spend day & a surprise treat!

December 11th, 2009 at 03:55 pm

So close! When I left for work this afternoon, my van didn't warm up well and when I got to work I was very cold so I spent $1.84 on an Americano. The heat problem at work is still going on but I resisted the urge to buy iced tea and drank water the rest of my shift so that's all I spent today. Between yesterday and today I had two really, really low spend days. Maybe I need a category for those and should pat myself on the back a little when I have them. Wink

I got in this evening and got the chicken breasts cooking. When I opened the package of chicken, I saw that the breasts were huge and there are five of them! So, I'm cooking three with the Memphis style barbecue spice and the other two will be used plain. I don't think we'll be able to eat all of the three I'm cooking tonight so I'll take some with me tomorrow for my lunch. If I do it right, I might be able to have a no spend day yet.

A girl can dream!

As an aside, a patient brought in a special dessert for us today. Last year it was Christmas Stollen and this year it's this incredible pumpkin cream cheese roll thing. I don't know what its called but wow, is it a special treat! I took one bite and realized it's dangerous to have around so the man person gave a good portion of it to people in the offices around ours and the rest is going to work with me tomorrow to be given to my workmates. Really, it must go! And quickly!

4 Responses to “Another almost no spend day & a surprise treat!”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    It's called a pumpkin log and yes, they are dangerous!

  2. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I figured it was called something like that. Wink Amazing dish!!

  3. baselle Says:

    Sister's next door neighbor made a pumpkin log for us to snack on when we drove back to Seattle in June. Delicious and very dangerous, even during the off season. It was either it or my diet; we abandoned it in Sioux Falls. Big Grin

  4. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Well, what a good neighbor. I'm glad I don't have one like that! lol

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