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Update on work, eating at home, not smoking, etc.

February 4th, 2012 at 05:56 am

I haven't posted in a bit. I've been pretty busy with work, though. It's going great now that the wild and crazy season is behind us. This week I was only scheduled for 22 hours, though, which isn't enough. My boss wrote me in for four more hours then another 14 hours. That put me at 40, which is what I'd hoped for. Unfortunately, Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and by Friday I was sicker than a dog. I went in anyway but they sent me home after two hours. So much for that 8 hour day on my pay! I work today, though, for six hours and I hope they let me stay the entire time as 32 hours are definitely better than 26. The month of February is historically slow so the hours will be slim and I'll be grateful for any and all I get!

I'm doing well without cable TV. The fact that I still pick up TNT, CNN (a little snowy but quite viewable), and a few others helps. Not sure how I'm still getting them but I'm glad I do. I don't watch much TV, though, and when I do it's usually a Law & Order episode I've streamed via Netflix on my PS3.

I'm very tired of my too large cell phone bill and want to go back to a prepaid phone. I'm just about at the point of paying the $200 to get out of the contract. I have a Straight Talk phone I bought months ago when I was having issues with Verizon's service. I used it for a month and it's now inactive. I can port my current Verizon number to it but it's not an easy phone to txt with and since I do txt a bit I need to be able to do that easily. So, perhaps I need to find another Straight Talk phone that's a little easier to txt with. The biggest problem with Straight Talk, though, is that it doesn't seem to work that well when I travel to Austin. Of course, I only do that once or twice a year but it's a five hour drive and I take some back roads and a working cell phone is a thing of beauty on those drives! I'd hate to have car trouble on one of those back roads and have no cell phone. Hmm, what a quandary.

I haven't been out to eat in awhile. Quite awhile. I'm still spending more than what I like on groceries but a lot less than what I was on eating out so that's a good thing.

Today is Day 50 of not smoking! Yes, I haven't had a single cigarette or puff from one for 50 days today. Smile I've saved about $425 by not smoking, too! That's nothing to sneeze (or cough) at. Wink

5 Responses to “Update on work, eating at home, not smoking, etc. ”

  1. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    Congratulations on your 50 days of non-smoking success!!! Such a difficult habit to break and I applaud your focus!
    I hope your body is already rewarding your hard work by letting you know how much better it is feeling. :-)

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad to hear the non-smoking is working for you!

  3. ladymiller Says:

    So proud of you! 50 days, that is just great! Best wishes.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the 50 days! Woo Woo!

    Is there anyway you could change your cell phone plan? I'm not an expert on this because I don't use mine a lot, but basically have it for emergencies and convenience? It never hurts to contact your carrier and see if they can work something out for you...maybe mention that you are thinking of going to the prepaid phone unless they can figure out a way to keep you. It never hurts to ask!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. -Jerry- Says:

    Wow, great job on the smoking cessation! That will lead to both financial and health benefits, and you can be very proud of your success. I think that the cell phone plan needs some changing, as well. Using the pre-paid plan as an ace in the hole, as rob62521 suggested, could be insurance that you have an alternate in place, and it might help them to help you! Good luck...

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