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Pay day and catching up a little

April 3rd, 2015 at 05:40 am

Thursday was another no spend day. I think that makes 4 this week. That's pretty exciting! I didn't go to Mom's house or the nursing home because I was just too flipping tired to do much at all.

I did make a delicious crustless broccoli quiche and between that and the soup I made Wednesday, I shouldn't need to buy any meals at work and there's no excuse to do the "I'm too tired to cook, let me just grab this on the way home" thing. I don't do that often but need to do it even less often. The quiche is also marvelous for a quick breakfast and it freezes, travels, and reheats very well.

I needed to do laundry yesterday but plumbers were working in the laundry room all day so I hand-washed two shirts, an apron, and some stockings and hung them to dry. I have clean pants so I'm good to go for today and tomorrow. Since Sunday is Easter and the store is closed, Mom and I are going to have dinner at her house. I'll take my laundry over there that morning and get it tended to. Yeah, I'm 52 and take my laundry to my mother's house but I go there several times a week and it was her idea years ago for me to do that. To wash and dry in my complex costs $1.25 a load. That doesn't sound like much but it really adds up so I'm thankful Mom doesn't mind me doing laundry at her place. I buy the detergent and usually wash, dry, and put away at least two loads of hers while I'm at it so it helps us both.

Today is pay day! Once I confirmed my pay was in my account, I paid the rent and water which came to $587.00, $21.32 to my Chase credit card bringing the balance to $100, and later today will pay $80 to Target. That's an account Mom and I both use and pay, though I generally use and pay more than she does. Once the $80 is paid, the balance will be $2,797.12. I really want that one gone but right now am doing well to make the minimum and a little more when I can so I suck it up and deal with it. I paid the electric bill of $54.87 Wednesday and paid my internet bill last week so after I make the Target payment this afternoon, I won't have any bills due until the end of the month. Wooohooo! I need to go to the bank on the way to work for cash to fund my grocery and gas envelopes.

After the funk I found myself in when the ex died, I didn't care about bills. I paid them but wasn't concerned if they were late and I indulged in a little too much retail therapy, eating out, and general irresponsibility. That put me behind and led to more stress, just deepening the funk. I'm so glad I'm back on track with logging income and expenses and using my envelope system. Doing those things doesn't give me more money but it ensures the bills are paid on time and the necessities are covered. I still run with just a small amount of money in my checking account but I have some money in savings, bill payments are timely, I have food to eat, and a job I love or least like a lot most of the time so I feel grateful! The stress level is decreased and that's a very, very good thing.

This site is so motivational and y'all just rock! It's difficult for me to read some of your blogs because I don't understand stocks, bonds, and having large sums of income or large sums of savings but each of you is inspirational, nonetheless, and I thank you.

Happy Friday!

6 Responses to “Pay day and catching up a little”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Don't worry about the income some of us make. Our family has definitely had less income and more debt. We all have different paths, but if you watch the income you do have and make good spending and saving choices that is doing better than so many other Americans.

  2. DeniseNTexas Says:

    CCF, thanks. You're right about different paths and I remind myself of that when I read some of the blogs. Smile

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I often remind myself that I came from a very poor family. When I married my dear husband, I was making $89 a week (working 5 days) and he made $4 an hour and had to commute 1 hour each way. I always say, it is not how much you make, it is how much you keep!

  4. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Julie, thank you for that reminder! I come from a middle class family but as an adult, other than a few years here and there, most of my life has been spent making just getting by. It's very difficult for me to save when I have a low income and can't eat the less expensive but higher carb foods. I don't begrudge others what they have, though! As CCF said, we all have different paths. I just need a reminder of that now and then.

    As for increasing what I keep, I'm working hard on that. I think my new plan will work but I must be consistent with it. I've thought of joining the 52 week challenge. I think I can do that!

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    The great thing about this website is that there are people of various levels- some are struggling, some are doing great- everyone has their own story & you can learn a lot no matter what position you're in Smile

  6. DeniseNTexas Says:

    VS_ozgirl, yes that's so true. I just need to remind myself of that now and then. Smile

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