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How do I love thee, kitchen items? Let me count the ways!

April 12th, 2015 at 08:52 am

This morning I entered the amount for the few little groceries I bought yesterday into EveryDollar. I also checked balances in my envelopes. I'm doing very well with my spending. When I funded my envelopes last Friday I got $60 for groceries. I'd budgeted $75 for two weeks but wanted to come in under that if possible so $60 seemed like a good goal. I still have $40 of that so I feel as though I've accomplished something. However, there are a few things I need before Friday, the next pay day and I'll probably get those later today or tomorrow before work. I budgeted $25 for gas for two weeks and still have $15 of that and $10 of the $15 I'd budgeted for Sammy the cat. Yeah, all in all I'm doing great!

I posted some clothes and household goods on a local free stuff group. I hope someone wants it all because I very much want the stuff gone. Decluttering is pretty easy for me but I have a few emotional issues with some of it, especially kitchen items.

My apartment is about 540 square feet with a seemingly impossibly small kitchen. It has few cupboards, a tiny amount of countertop, two drawers and no pantry. But I love to cook and do it daily. Fortunately, most of my cooking is simple so all I really *need* are basic items. The problem, though, is that I'm so very attracted to kitchen gadgets and doodads! An all expenses paid trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond is my idea of a great contest prize! Ha ha!

Over the last few years I've managed to calm down that crazy side of myself but I still have things I rarely use. For example, I found a blender at Target three years ago for $6. It gets pulled out a few times a year, generally to make hummus. Keep it or let it go? And there's my KitchenAid mixer. I'd wanted one for many years and scrimped until I had enough to get the red one that made my heart sing. The problem is that I haven't used it for over a year and prior to that its main job was to make shortbread, my all time favorite treat, and that was done only between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The thought of getting rid of that beauty causes anxiety so I keep it. It sits on a counter and takes up space but I smile each time my eyes spy it. I think it needs to stay, at least for now. Maybe soon I'll feel ready to sell it but not yet.

And then there's the electric digital pressure cooker. Another tool I love and one I rarely use now. It produces the best tasting and most tender roast I've ever had but I don't eat much meat now. Of course, I could use it to make vegetable soup. Hmmm, maybe I should try that today. And what about the stovetop pressure cooker? One of my sisters gave it to me a couple of years ago. I've not used it but can't seem to part with it because it was a gift. And let's not even get started on the slow cookers and coffee cup collection!

See the problem?

That darn kitchen. I have so much affection for the inanimate objects contained within it and have saved that corner for the last of the big push to simplify. I thought I'd be ready by now but I don't feel ready. Yes, I know it's just stuff and I know that each item can be replaced easily, if not cheaply, if necessary. But it's still so hard to even consider letting some of those things go.

I think I'll list the kitchen items to which I have no attachment (like a few of the many whisks I have and the wine bottle opener thingamabopper I've used once..what are those even called?) and enjoy the freedom of that for awhile. Maybe then I'll feel ready to rid myself of the other stuff. We'll see. It's a process and for me it's been a long one.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying a day off work and am about to head into the kitchen to give vegetable soup in the pressure cooker a try!

Happy Sunday. :-)

11 Responses to “How do I love thee, kitchen items? Let me count the ways!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Keep that mixer! It makes you smile, you saved up for it. Why not try to find more ways to use it so you don't begrudge the counter space?

  2. Petunia in a Flower Garden Says:

    I love my kitchen items too!

  3. DeniseNTexas Says:

    rob62521, I've considered using the mixer for other things but am not sure what. Like I said, my cooking is very simple. Now and then I make something more complex but mixing isn't something I do often and I don't make desserts and such often. I'll think about that, though. Surely I can come up with something!

    Petunia, it's a curse, I say, a curse! ;-)

  4. snafu Says:

    I love gizmos and get frustrated with our small, galley type condo's kitchen. I've had to seriously limit stuff and found it really helps to set some 'protocols.' [not limits, or rules to make me feel bad] Our protocol means we don't buy anything new without relinquishing something similar or similar size. Also, if it's not on the To Buy list, I pass but if still desired the following morning, it gets listed. Protocols don't apply to items that stop functioning effectively or gets broken.

    Space forced some hard decisions. We all agreed on 'how much was enough,' Can you do 'baby steps'? If you have too many coffee mugs, I wonder if you're willing to say "X" is enough and relinquish the mugs that are excess. Donate to one of the Thrift/Charity shops and let someone else enjoy those mugs.

    Hope you understand that once a gift is given, it belongs to the recipient. Say no to guilt, take a photo and post an ad on your local FB sale page or CraigsList to sell the stove top pressure cooker. With summer approaching would you commit to using the blender to make an AM Smoothie? Healthy, delicious, choose ingredients that work in a blender like frozen blueberries rather than ice.

    Since the Kitchen-Aid represents more to you than to most, smile, keep it, until you're ready to sell it to someone who will use and love it nearly daily.

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I say keep the items too. If you saved for it, you wanted it, you enjoy it and don't want to let it go, then you shouldn't. Minimalism is living a life with purpose and having things with purpose. These things have a purpose to you. Snafu has a good point with the blender, I use ours probably twice a week to make a banana smoothie for breakfast. Maybe you can incorporate recipes/food ideas so you have to use the items more?

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Got one and I use it make pizza dough. Also use it to make brownie or cake mix or any sort of baking stuff. Also I used my blender for daily smoothie. Also I make soup in my blender. Guess it just depends on lifestyle

  7. Maranatha Says:

    I have the red Kitchenaid mixer too. The awesome thing about them is they have all sorts of attachments you can buy and use. You can get a pasta attachment, a meat grinder attachment, ice cream attachment etc. They can be used for so much more than just mixing. It makes the most awesome creamy mashed potatoes!

  8. CB in the City Says:

    I have the white Kitchenaid mixer and wish I had a red one! (It was a gift, so I'm not complaining!) I use it for pancakes and quick breads mostly. I also have a set of attachments so I can use it more like a food processor, but I confess I haven't use them yet! It if makes your heart sing, keep it.

  9. DeniseNTexas Says:

    snafu, I've been doing baby steps in the kitchen for awhile. I've gotten rid of a lot of the coffee cups already and will get rid of more this week, I hope. Also, I generally don't bring an "unnecessary" item into the home until I have at least one item to get rid of. That seems to help quite a bit with keeping the clutter down. Like I said, it's been a long process with me. I'm getting there. :-) I've decided to list the stove top pressure cooker in the free group and give it to someone who might use it. My mother said I could take it to her house and put it in her storage building but she'll never, ever use it and I don't think I will either so it really needs to go! I use the blender once in a blue moon for smoothies but really do need to make more of those. Maybe I'll keep it for that and if it turns out that I don't use it much I'll get rid of it. I also have a large food processor. Again, it's something I don't use often and it really takes up quite a bit of space. It's fantastic for making homemade pimiento cheese spread and that's it's biggest use for me. I need to get rid of it because I have a very small Oskar that I use more often than the big one. *sigh* I'll keep working on this stuff!

    VS_ozgirl , I looked at all sorts of mixer recipes yesterday and not surprisingly almost all are high in carbs. They're either desserts or high carb potato dishes but I haven't given up. Ha ha!

    LivingAlmostLarge, I forgot that I do use the blender now and then for making creamy soups. I love soup so maybe that's something I need to just make more often. Thanks!

    Maranatha, I've seen some of the attachments and have thought about getting some. I might do that in the near future.

    CB in the City , the mixer is definitely staying for now but I think the large food processor needs to go. I can always keep and use the Oskar for my pimiento cheese spread and other things. Smile

  10. ThriftoRama Says:

    I would never ever give up my kitchenaid mixer. I use it ALL the time. Batter bread, cookie dough, cake mix, cinnamon rolls for Xmas morning, and the list goes on.... I also have used the attachments to make spaghetti and to grind meat and apples.

    I once had an apartment with a woefully bad kitchen and zero counter space. I managed to grab a cabinet off of the curb on garbage day. We retrofitted it into a kitchen island and that solved a lot of our problems.

  11. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Thriftorama, when I first got the thing I did a lot of that but as a T1 diabetic I eat pretty low carb and making those things, with the occasional exception of a LC treat, is just not something I need to do anymore. Ahhhh, I miss making all that stuff! I used to do a lot of LC baking but I had to cut waaaay back on it, darn it. Frown

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